Young Couple's Meetup 2019

Get ready for your Marriage refined as Gold

We are super excited to announce to you that the Young Couples Meetup 2019 is officially here again. Last year’s was awesome. Many saw the need to take their marriages from where it is to beautiful heights where they can enjoy safe haven.

YCM is a fun, faith & marital wisdom impartation sessions with just you and your spouse, a time to Learn, Unlearn and Relearn. It has always been our Vision in life as a couple to have a marriage that will become a role model to Christendom, and we are taking many other couples like yours along on this journey.

Get ready for deeper bonding, marital strategies, precision prayers, workshops, discussions, networking, bridge crossings, and godly fun with your spouse like never before.
Looking forward to having you

-Olumide and Rita Bada


Olumide Bada
Lead Speaker, Havilah Workshops
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Rita Bada
Lead Speaker, Riospeaks
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Enahoro Okhae
CEO, Pause Factory
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Registrations btw May 19th to May 29th











We are expecting quite a crowd this year of couples from various works of life and with a larger venue.

Frequently Asked Questions

A healthy marriage does not come naturally. It requires constant attention, love, and a lot of wisdom. Couples attend YCM because they’re ready to invest in their marriage and intentionally move towards oneness. We help you understand God’s blueprint for marriage so you can create a legacy of greatness. Giving you a glimpse into what Godly-relationships look like
2019 Calendar shows its a public holiday (muslims) and no better time to take advantage of this opportunity to get both spouses there. If the Public holiday is moved back to the 5th. All will be communicated accordingly.
Awesome is the word.. you can view some pics, video and testimonies > HERE
Divine Emporium Events Center KM1 isheri igando/ Lasu road. Powerline bus stop, Lagos. SEE MAP
Many have been clamoring for this, we have you in mind for the later months of the year
Simply click > HERE and follow the steps on paying online . If having any issues do contact us on 08023921033
It can. We suggest securing your seats as soon as you can.
Unfortunately, this meetup will not provide childcare and we would ask that you make arrangement for this to be a time where married couples can grow and learn together without children in the room. Please make alternate arrangements for any childcare needs. If it is so very necessary to bring a nursing infant with you, a nursing area will be provided with your nanny.
Come as you are! but not forgetting that a FREE photo shoot of you and your spouse will be taken.
Yes we do. It's almost becoming a full time job for us nowadays (lol). Our contacts are available for whatsapp counselling anytime.
Meetup Entry, Meetup Materials, Exclusive Resources, Lunch and lots more
Hotel accommodations are not provided in the conference fee. However, we are happy to help you identify some good options in the area if you need assistance.
None. All Couples welcomes
There are no assigned seats at this event, but we intend to make our gathering an intimate environment where every seat is a good seat!
Feel free to contact our office at 08023921033 or email us at
Feel free to contact our office at 08023921033 or email us at